My name is Joy but my friends call me Jojo,or should I say I made them call me that.I do have the power for people to bend to my whims,I guess.I know I can write and I want to be a writer when I grow up.

Put this together;I am a free spirit with a wild imagination, a fierce heart paired with an aggressive voice,a loud and loose mouth also to go with that,most times if not all.So don’t mind me as such but at least the sense of humor does some justice.Okay,maybe not if I think of the hilarious bad puns,don’t raise your hopes yet.

You see,I am still growing,still searching,still knowing myself,still spreading my feeble wings that try to stretch fully and failing,still dipping my toes in both charted & uncharted waters ,at times the waters sting and when you get used to it,you just glide through with wobbly feet, at times the water reaches mid waist which is not as bad as when the water line is at neck length,hellbent on getting to your nostrils so that it can at least get a taste of your lungs and I figured while at it, I might as well bang on my keyboard something worthwhile.

And PS- I am in love with parentheses(it’s the many voices in my head,okay?) and I find my aesthetic self commencing lines with conjunctions, lowkey sexy eh?