taking stock one

Well, hello, Are you still there? I’ve procrastinated enough. I’ve missed this space. It’s been a while. … Let’s take stock, wanting: to delete all my previous posts and start on clean slate. I am yet to fully grasp evolving is a process. opening: my blog after weeks of hibernating. I’m pleased with myself and... Continue Reading →


The one where I began adulting?

I sit on my bed as I conjure up possible scenarios of the following day's events. I'm anxious, I don't want to form unrealistic realities but I can't help it.It's a Sunday night, so naturally some chill music is pouring from the stereo, afro-house, tropical house or jazzy sounds from one of my favorite playlists... Continue Reading →

‘My heart skips eight beats,all at once…’

If anyone had told me that university was going to be like this, I still wouldn't have listened. I would have told myself that 'it can't be that bad and that I can be able to hack through'. Oh, how much faith we humans have in ourselves. I don't know if its just me or... Continue Reading →


I remember the elation I had when buying the book. I kept on thinking how I've finally found her book which I didn't know she had written. I love memoirs for the mere fact that you don't have to be a renowned person or whatever. It's an account of your life and every human being... Continue Reading →

A word montage,sort of(for lack of a better title)

Ever got caught up in your own space and it became an extreme sport to drag your ass and do something even in this mundane life.I'm not even going to lie that the last five months were months filled with soul searching, growth, finding myself and all that woke shit. Love and light, sure thing... Continue Reading →

To whomever it may concern,

I don't know how you pick your friends. I don't know how anyone picks friends really. Are we friends or acquaintances?Are we friends just out of convenience?At what stage does someone become a friend? Is it a vetting process? Do you have boxes you're ticking mentally?Or physically? No, honestly what is? Surprisingly, society has no... Continue Reading →


I wake up, sweating profusely, my pillow’s drenched. How did I not wake up sooner? It’s always the same but today’s different. David is sound asleep next to me, his body heaving up and down. It’s always the same nightmare, over and over and I always wake up sweating ,crying. It’s always messy. I head... Continue Reading →

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