You see those egg shells,they’re all broken,spread out and guess what?They can’t be fixed too.


She could see him hurting but there was nothing she could do about it really.She could see the fatigue in his eyes,how it was taking a huge toll on his soul,on his whole self literally.She could see how he suddenly kept on zoning out of conversations they were having.She tried giving him signs that he normally read onto,he knew what she was asking for but he had to pull the ignorant card on her,giving her nothing but the “I-don’t-know-what-you’re-talking-about-please-enlighten-me”.She knew better,he was just bullsh*tting her.

Whatever it was,he still could not tell her,just not yet.He trusted her yes yes he did,so much you have no idea but a part of him was holding back and he didn’t know how to spell it to her.Should he write a song,or maybe craft a poem or should he draw,paint,you know whatever this human heartstrings normally tug onto but normal is overrated,besides he was not a knack at either of all that,all he could do was make her laugh?Yes,he had a great sense of humor and cracked jokes that knocked her off her composure,made some ridiculous puns just to see her eyes crinkle and tears well up as she broke into fits of laughter.

And oh boy!Didn’t her laughter make his heart warm up.It was a constant reminder of how life was such a beautiful thing,her being the rainbows and unicorns in his life.He tried thinking of how it would be if she came to know what was going on in his life but he couldn’t come up with the picture of that because it hurt,it hurt so bad,breaking his soul so much that he could feel the high,”Hercules” wall of tears he had been building up was not strong enough anymore,he could feel the tears forcing their way out through the small cracks they had tried creating time and again,trying to come to the surface.He knew so damn well that it was not going to be a pretty sight He knew that one way or another he had to tell her because soon,soon enough,he will be….

(Guys,listen to Birdy*I loooove heer*-All about you,it sort of relates to this drizzle of a tale that is just on its onset.Let’s ruuuumbllee eyy?)


Author: Joyyy

My name is Joy but my friends call me Jojo,or should I say I made them call me that and now I am no longer feeling that name(I have no reason honestly) so let's stick with Joy Moraa okay?.I know I can write and I want to be a writer when I grow up.I am a free spirit with a wild imagination, a fierce heart paired with an aggressive voice.I am still growing,still searching,still knowing myself,still spreading my feeble wings that try to stretch fully and failing,still dipping my toes in both charted & uncharted waters ,at times the waters sting and when you get used to it,you just glide through with wobbly feet, at times the water reaches mid waist which is not as bad as when the water line is at neck length,hellbent on getting to your nostrils so that it can at least get a taste of your lungs and I figured while at it, I might as well bang on my keyboard something worthwhile.And PS- I am in love with parentheses(it's the many voices in my head,okay?) and I find my aesthetic self commencing lines with conjunctions, lowkey sexy eh?

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