Bienvenue mon peuple!

Okay okay linguists and language fanatics and all the pros in that world, don’t get excited already.I just did one level of French School.Yep,just what you thought,such an amateur huh?Honestly speaking though,Is it correct grammatically,semantically,technically,verbally,layman-ally and all ally’s involved?(I shamelessly admit I have harmed your ears with my over the top unwarranted logolepsy)My professor will be so proud that one student of his can recall a couple of french phrases.If you’ve tried to learn a language that is not one that you grew up with you will relate especially if you’re from Africa,to be more specific an anglophone state and there you’re struggling with a language  that does not come naturally to you,but it’s your passion that keeps you going,how you feel the words flowing to you seamlessly like a stream of clear,sparkling water or like music notes strung together by Nina Simone or Edith Piaf(my analogies though) but that is not the agenda of today.

It is the 30th of January,the clock reads 21:57 as I’m beginning to type this paragraph literally and I am contemplating in retrospect to the happenings of this month before it ends.

It has been a long one.It has been a good one.It has been one full of adulting .It had its own slippery moments where I felt I was moving like a pregnant seal.It had its days when the sun shone so bright that I was squinting my eyes like how my dad does when trying to read a document.His antics will never cease to crack me up.You know how our old folks try to read newspapers or anything readable at that.They stretch it at arms length and locate the paper at an angle of elevation or is it the angle of depression,my High School Math is failing me big time but isscool,issoright (y’all get the gist I hope so)It is the month where the sun was scorching downright on my back,mercilessly.I could even smell the roots of my hair which does not happen on a normal day.The differing complexions of my uncovered skin and covered skin narrate the whole tale.No kidding.Down here in Kenya(I don’t know why I’m assuming we’re down here and the best part is that I know I’m not the only one who thinks so), everyone is battling something this past month;long work days,delayed salaries,school fees(the I-live-one-day-at-a-time kind of people eh,now you will realize the full meaning of that mantra you choose to live by,in its full sense),less going out,meat on your table at the end of the day or lack thereof(this is when you appreciate the existence of cabbages and their whole family).All in all,we give thanks as we heave a sigh of relief as the 70th day of January comes to its long awaited end.

I have been in a slump,in a rut,in a humdrum existence ,call it whatever and I needed someone to get my lazy ass up and do something about my life in the blogosphere and guess who did that?Yea,you thought right,my brilliant self.It is not easy when you’re the only one who; gets yourself,understands yourself,talks to yourself,pats your own back,laughs at your own jokes;scolds yourself,motivates yourself because I believe that you are the only one who holds that power and thou shall not let another person do that for you or take that place in your life  because you are the only one who knows yourself 100%.If anything,that is the power of self actualization and according yourself that self love.Give yourself those little powerful speeches.I am not implying that the input of family,friends,mentors,workmates and whatnot is not allowed and it should be left for the wind.It’s all about balance.I am turning out to be a sub Robin Sharma but oh well,If I fit the role well then why not?

My 2017 theme is BE.(Now I’m being serious for those who were keeping up with the charade.)It is to BE a better daughter,to BE a better sister,to BE a better friend,to BE  a better student, to BE a better person.In all these small,broken down ways,,it involves growth and development towards the right path.It is about letting go of the clutter in life that we do not realize we are piling up.It is being real to yourself and to the people around you.It is not about pulling acts just for the sake of it all.Life is short in any case,you had better make it worthwhile.It is about telling the people in your life that you feel that ka paragasha thing that you appreciate them,that you care,that you’re concerned and that you do not take them for granted,not just once but reminding them,again and again, that you do because once death stares at you and wills you away…it will be another tale(It was not supposed to turn out to be a morbid scene guys).It is about being grateful for these little things,the mundane .like crushing dry leaves,like laughing until you start tearing up or someone asking genuinely how your day was,heart to heart talks or even silence that isn’t awkward or just when someone remembers the things you say even the smallest things like sleeping on clean sheets,sleeping on the cold side of the pillow that go unnoticed but still manage to make our lips curve into a smile.Life just bypasses us as we await big things like graduation or anniversaries,unknowingly letting these tiny ones slip through our fingers smoothly like sand grains.It is about teasing your siblings and being as playful as you were when you were seven and the only care in the world  you had was that your mom would not find out that you ate at Mama nani’s place after repeatedly telling you not to do so.It is about working on your weaknesses as a person and building on your strengths,handling internal and external pressure to your very best as a person.Don’t weigh yourself down with too much and society should not in any way try and coin you in the way it deems right.You are you and that is your power.So,spread out your wings and fly,soar higher and higher to far,uncharted paths.

(Turns out I am a sucker for sentimentality,that’s a huge one)

SIDE NOTES:1.I am on book 2/26(Americanah) finishing it by  1st Feb and starting my book 3(The Notebook,I am prepping  my box of tissues and my eye glands for a looong ride.2.I truly truly love puns and especially if they have a grammatical sense of humor. 3.I wish I was an anonymous writer,I think so or maybe not. 4. There goes my lousy attempt at updating ‘regularly’


Don’t forget this.Go big or go home and if you go home you can as well get an ample amount of sleep!