...I see blue and my mind takes me places, places I never knew existed, places that show me a mix of fulfillment,ecstasy, souls soaring and everything in between that, places that wring me of all bad thoughts I have harbored, places that show me love,love and some more love,...


A Series of Muddles &Chaos;The Ecstatic Kind!

I am disillusioned and that I am going to spill things on my way.It's already enough that I am not walking on a straight path.I wash my face,apply some vaseline,walk out and let some of that good sunshine that had come out while I was asleep hit my face,specifically my left eye.Please do that magic on your black girl,let those rays open this swollen bitch up.But that yellow ball was not spitting any of it's usual waves.It had this cool demeanor with it today,only there because it had to,emitting just enough light,you know to prove it was daylight


"Roman Okeyo",a female voice calls out my name,louder than I would like.I am not here for the attention lady,I grumble,though not out loud.It would not be that bad to get myself a beau who has problems piling up like myself, at least we will drown ourselves in our own miseries and no one will throw … Continue reading FIX YOU – NUGGET IV