“Roman Okeyo”,a female voice calls out my name,louder than I would like.I am not here for the attention lady,I grumble,though not out loud.It would not be that bad to get myself a beau who has problems piling up like myself, at least we will drown ourselves in our own miseries and no one will throw us pitying looks.

She pronounces it with an English accent that is clipped on the edges with a Gujrati accent.She is young and full of life,one can tell from her bright face that descends to a sharp contrast  when it meets her neckline,but that’s none of my business.She is wearing a black pencil skirt and an orange blouse,that is too bright for my own liking and her breasts are pressing the linen quite firmly, trying to force their way out and I can not help but stare.She almost catches my gaze before I quickly look away as a sharp tinge goes all the way down to my crotch.I don’t bother to check her behind because c’mon you know why.She seems to be between the ages of 26 and 32 and reminds me of Lisa,mom’s personal assistant,

I have spent the last one and a half hour staring at these white tiles,that are being mopped every ten minutes or so,I don’t understand why private institutions keep on doing that and yet they don’t serve a large multitude.But I did not give a shit about whoever’s the janitor on duty or how many shifts he’s working either.


Cory was the only thing going through my mind and my heart broke for our friendship that I was poking holes into,massive holes.Cory,the girl who brought life to my soulless existence,the girl who kept on telling me that life is shit but there’s plenty of toilet paper going round and mint if I’d like some.She was sunshine and rain,whiskey and coffee,pain and laughter.I don’t know how she managed to carry the weight of the world on those fragile shoulders of hers but she did and boy,did I look up to her,without her knowledge of course, or those trumpets would still be blowing.She has been looking at me in the eye a thousand times and asking whatever the hell was going on with me and I keep on shrugging and walking away,literally.If I decide to speak,all the walls will come down and everything that I have been trying to protect will crumble,until three days ago,The nerve this girl has.

Cory: you know you’re an asshole

Rom: I know,that’s not news


Rom: why what Cory?(I give her a puzzled look)

Cory: why are you being so difficult all over sudden?Why are you closing me out? Damnit!

Rom: I have no idea what the he..

Cory: You have no idea “what the heck is going on,”she air quotes,Let me tell you something,you stupid dimwit…

Rom: but I thought dimwit and stupid are one and the same thing ,Cory…

Cory: No,don’t.Stop right there.I am not going to have any of that today,not now…(she closes her eyes for a second,as if she’s organizing her thoughts)Listen here.I am not going to follow you around like some little pet and wag my tail for you and fetch your ball or rub my fur against your hairy legs to make you feel better.Are you even listening?It’s a damn analogy,stop making that face Rom.I am so serious right now and your eyes are crinkling at the edges like a twelve year old who’s figured girls out for the first time.

Rom: …but dogs don’t have fur,Cory and what a genius you are,I was twelve when…

The next thing I know, my face is trapped between her hands as she tries to search for a hint but in vain.We are forehead to forehead,eye to eye,nose to nose, but her nostrils are flaming up and I can see the nose hairs threatening to lunge towards me.As I am still analyzing this girl’s facial structure,the next words throw me off balance.Women and their mouths.Sigh

Cory: Rom…(she starts off in a small , an almost unheard voice)..this thing that you’re trying is not working for you, not even for the people around you.You had better come to your senses and when you do, waste no time in looking for a girl called Coryne,whom you call Cory,yes,that girl who calls you at 1 am to remind you that you’re something to someone and the one you call when you’re too wasted to go home,that one.It’s me I’m referring to,you know, just in case you had forgotten.You know what you’ll do when you find her.Until then,we are not on speaking terms.And don’t use your not-so-creative ways,that I disapprove of already, to try whatever it is that you’re thinking of currently.

Rom: But..but how do you even…

Cory: And while you’re at it,GET YOUR OWN DAMN BALL!

which ball Cory?Tell me which ball“I asked,more to myself.

And with that she walked away,swaying her small waist,but I did not miss that twinkle in her eye and how high her cheekbones were,when she showed me her back immediately.Don’t suppress the laughter,yes,I know you so well.That’s my girl.But until when?


Slowly, I lifted my heavy weight from the silver leather seats and strode to Dr. Algreya’s large as life office.I concluded that doctors need a big ass office because they spend almost all their lives helping weaklings like us come back to life.I am already smiling as all the stories of his crazy wife .famously known as The Ladybird, who left him for a tycoon resurface.I am lost in my thoughts when I push the heavy door at the same time I feel someone pulling it from inside,so I politely move aside to let the other person slide out with no awkward moments, and then my eyes meet with the other person as I pave the way but I quickly move in front,to block them.

“Well well well,this should be interesting” I chime,with gritted teeth.

“Rom”,they whisper, with a fear etched somewhere in their throats.

All I can see is the sight before me.My mind has gone to a blank and time seems to have stood still for both of us.I want to move but my legs all over sudden have become leaden.I can feel the heat emanating from all my openings and pores,as it is coming off in waves and I cannot miss the ones from the other person.We are both absorbed in these oscillating waves,on the same wavelength, as scintillating as it is in this space.That makes two of us,friend.

“Aah Okeyo,my man, you’re here! I have great stories packed for you, you know The Ladybird called….” I hear Dr.Algreya’s voice from a distant as it fades to the background.



So,hello folks.It’s been a minute since I penned anything down,been working on myself and I vowed to myself to be as consistent as I can(Tuesdays,even as you go ahead to Biko Zulu,stop by here as well) even on other days oh and do tell a friend to tell a friend.Sharing is Caring!




Author: Joyyy

My name is Joy but my friends call me Jojo,or should I say I made them call me that and now I am no longer feeling that name(I have no reason honestly) so let's stick with Joy Moraa okay?.I know I can write and I want to be a writer when I grow up.I am a free spirit with a wild imagination, a fierce heart paired with an aggressive voice.I am still growing,still searching,still knowing myself,still spreading my feeble wings that try to stretch fully and failing,still dipping my toes in both charted & uncharted waters ,at times the waters sting and when you get used to it,you just glide through with wobbly feet, at times the water reaches mid waist which is not as bad as when the water line is at neck length,hellbent on getting to your nostrils so that it can at least get a taste of your lungs and I figured while at it, I might as well bang on my keyboard something worthwhile.And PS- I am in love with parentheses(it's the many voices in my head,okay?) and I find my aesthetic self commencing lines with conjunctions, lowkey sexy eh?

2 thoughts on “FIX YOU – NUGGET IV”

  1. Its good to have you back.Let Tuesday be Tuesday, mean it.Don’t leave us too hungry. Anyway that was a nice piece; Tho it was over before I even started. Eagerly waiting for more.Bonne Chance

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Merci mon amie 😊thanks for the support this far too☺though I I’m up and for the longrun hopefully😉😛Don’t scold me too much😥, we shall see about Tuesdays eyy!!😄😄😄


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