…I see blue and my mind takes me places,

places I never knew existed,

places that show me a mix of fulfillment,ecstasy, souls soaring and everything in between that,

places that wring me of all bad thoughts I have harbored,

places that show me love,love and some more love,…


You don’t know the love one attaches to something,anything really, until you see it radiating off their already glistened faces as they talk about it and how they will tilt their heads to your direction fully so you can have their undivided attention and how they will pause in between,lengthy pauses as they peruse through their memory to get just the right words for the description,you notice little things like maybe how they are keenly watching your expressions for the smallest changes,maybe you will nod or not or maybe your eyes will light up too.You just never know.

It’s on a Tuesday.I love Tuesdays for no important reason.I feel like Tuesdays have sense and purpose,like it’s the day when the week has decided to put it’s shit together and it’s ready to kick some ass.I am always down for whatever,even if the professor decides to extend class,no frowns or grumbles will be heard from my end(best believe I don’t like that shit and I don’t hide it too).My alarm has gone off with that irritating tone that I love to the farthest ends of this universe.Is that even correct grammar? ‘gone off’,this word sounds odd, a bit foreign and very distant,it’s not rolling off my tongue how I like it.I digress.I am contemplating and making calculations how I am getting to town with this shower,the rains have begun and I have to keep up with them lest I face rotten days.

I am meeting up with my friend,this early morning, for an important business of course.A movie.Don’t roll your eyes already.It has always been in my To-Smash List and now I can check it off.The main ingredient to this  friendship of ours is spontaneity and we nail it, right on the head.See,I call him the day before and ask him if he wants to go watch a movie the next day,the conversation is something like this;

Kesho what time?

What time are you free?

(You have to start from a point of familiarity and concern in cajoling someone.)

Ona naenda interview fulani and I don’t know how long it will take.

What time is the interview kwani?

Around one

Like one o’clock one o’clock asin lunch time

Yeah,asin one o’clock one o’clock lunch time.

(I roll my eyes.He’s definitely making this shit up)

There’s a lengthy pause.

What time do you want to go? he asks

Big mistake,my friend.Big mistake asking me that.

‘uum, so it’s either the 8:00 am one or late in the evening like 6:00 pm ’cause I have classes in the afternoon, there’s also an 8:00 pm and a 10:00 pm one but we both know that’s not happening. Sooo… 8:00 am?’

Aaaaiiii, ati morning!

c’mon you’ve never stepped into a movie theatre asubuhi mbichi.There’s got to be a first time.And the prices at that time won’t leave holes in your wallet,or lack thereof.


Your pockets I mean,your pockets.

Imax right?

Yup.I bet that’s the only one in the CBD.

So,300 bob.

Yeah, actually it’s 150 150 but inaonekana you’re paying for me.

(Fits of laughter erupt from the other end)

Hauko serious aki,unaniinvite na haunilipii.Utaniruka hivyo

It’s my turn to laugh now.I don’t think I showed or said anything that has double meanings there.

Eeh msee,adios basi ,if it’s going to be a hustle then don’t stress.

(Take points,friends)

Zii,I’m coming.

And to think that he was bluffing,I get a call at 6.43 am the next day ati he’s confirming if I’ve woken up. Of course I’ve woken up,whether he was to come or not I would still have gone ahead with my solo plans.Fast forward the morning hustles and the movie to around 10:30 am.I insist on taking him to the “claimed”  interview.We are crossing Mama Ngina Street,I think and I spot this new car and immediately I think it’s cool because it’s blue,but that’s not our argument.He’s saying the guy was in the process of looking for a parking spot and trying to manoeuvre to get the car there because it was being driven slowly however it’s pretty clear that the car was heading out and he was on the look out of other cars from either sides.This goes on for a solid five minutes until I mutter silently, But did you see that blue color,I do not know where I should start from,to describe the feeling.Like I can’t…

My eyes landed on that gem not because it was a BMW or a Mercedes or a Jaguar or a Ford,I don’t even know the beginning of all these motor companies but because it was blue,it was a sparkling kind of blue,the one that will light your eyes up in awe.You could not miss it,not a chance.It was a nice shade of cobalt blue but slightly with a lapis tint.You could tell how good he took care of this baby of his.I could bet you a 1000 bob he had a name for this moty,they call it moty yes?

Blue is not just a colour for me,not just my favorite colour.

I see blue and my mind takes me places,

places I never knew existed,

places that show me a mix of fulfillment,ecstasy, souls soaring and everything in between that,

places that wring me of all bad thoughts I have harbored,

places that show me love,love and some more love,

places that are so blue,all my blues fade away into thin air


an unknown feeling takes over me;

I can’t tell if it’s within my flesh or spirit really,

all I know is that I am in one with myself

it holds me captive, seeps itself all the way to my arteries and embeds itself there

I feel serenity and tranquility dripping from my pores,from all openings all at once.

It’s powerful yet calming at the same time,

it fills the spaces between my ribcage and my skeleton of a body,

flowing in synchronization,

to the tip of my head all the way to my toes and,

I feel my self rise higher and higher,

floating to uncharted lands

my feet slowly leaving the ground

my eyelids shut tight,trying to capture all of it in as many intakes as I can.

I feel my body parts disintegrate and integrate simultaneously,

it’s like all over a sudden everything has been turned on

’cause what else can explain this phenomenon?

feeling alive?

feeling light beaming off you?

feeling the energy within you surging a storm?

maybe blue is the switch that has been flickered on,

maybe blue does turn me on

and do I like it?

Yes,yes I do.


the passion and desire ravaging my soul all the damn time is the only reasonable explanation I’ve got.








Author: Joyyy

My name is Joy but my friends call me Jojo,or should I say I made them call me that and now I am no longer feeling that name(I have no reason honestly) so let's stick with Joy Moraa okay?.I know I can write and I want to be a writer when I grow up.I am a free spirit with a wild imagination, a fierce heart paired with an aggressive voice.I am still growing,still searching,still knowing myself,still spreading my feeble wings that try to stretch fully and failing,still dipping my toes in both charted & uncharted waters ,at times the waters sting and when you get used to it,you just glide through with wobbly feet, at times the water reaches mid waist which is not as bad as when the water line is at neck length,hellbent on getting to your nostrils so that it can at least get a taste of your lungs and I figured while at it, I might as well bang on my keyboard something worthwhile.And PS- I am in love with parentheses(it's the many voices in my head,okay?) and I find my aesthetic self commencing lines with conjunctions, lowkey sexy eh?

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