Bandaid to My Soul-HIM.

I sit at our usual spot waiting for him and my mind wanders away to the woods it has become all too familiar with, I think of him a lot, even when he's around me he's occupied my every thought now,



I am contemplating on whether the ticket prices for Diplo's concert are reasonable and whether I will part ways with that amount which I could use for a little adventure like ziplining but isn't Diplo's performance going to be a night affair that will stamp a lifetime memory in me huh?So many questions, such inadequate answers. Hoot hoot! This thought train comes to an immediate halt.

The Girl

Another week,another post.It has been such a long weekend and my head was in the gutter the whole time,watching the stars and being mesmerized all along,figuratively,until my reminder went off and now here we are.I have been working on several pieces,I always want to create a scene that's holistic,that a reader can build on and … Continue reading The Girl