Bandaid to My Soul-HIM.

If I’m entirely honest,

and you say I must be

I want to stay with you all afternoon

evening,night and tomorrow

pressed into you so tightly that we don’t

know whose belly made what sound,

whose heart it is that is thumping like 


until I don’t know if the sweat on my

chest is yours or mine or ours

-Yrsa Daley-Ward

I sit at our usual spot

waiting for him

and my mind wanders away

to the woods it has become all too familiar with,

I think of him a lot,

even when he’s around me

he’s occupied my every thought now,

I walk with a glistening face,

not because of the vaseline I smeared on

but because of the happiness pouring from all my pores;

his scent surrounds my entire being

his words are the bubble in which I exist in

his voice sends chills down me and a cold wave washes over me

I want to listen to it all the time,

so I keep on replaying our conversations that I have on my phone

feeling his voice anew every time,

smiling goofily,

closing my eyes when I hear his chuckle

I hear ‘the best things happen when our eyes are closed’

it’s worth the shot,right?

it’s mind shattering,I must say

and this shoots straight hoops inside my heart

His eyes always light up like fireworks on New Years eve

when he talks about the things he loves;

ancient architecture,motorcycles and comics

technology and travel

pets,especially pets

and his family,

he’s so passionate about life,such  wild enthusiasm

and I am always seated there

staring at him

thinking,always thinking

but only coming to one conclusion

I love this simple creature before me

who is human in his very own being

and I can’t hold back the smile creeping up on me.

I want to swim with him to the ends of this ocean

I want to crawl into every cave with him,side by side

I want to feel one with him in every way possible

I want to feel like I am riding on every high tide with him and later drown in it,together

I want to quench all our thirsts,all our hungers,all our desires, together

I want to be vulnerable with him,and only him

I want to watch sunsets with him,and only him

I want to walk on the sandy beaches with him,and only him

I want to go on adventures with him,and only him

I want to watch the stars with him,and only him

I just want him

and I see all the answers I need in his eyes

I don’t have words enough to describe that longing look

and it’s okay

I am okay with that.

That’s enough,

He is enough

I am enough

It’s just the two of us.


Yrsa Daley-Ward is an amazing poet,with her works pulling at your heartstrings.All credit goes to the beautiful soul(from the blocked quote at the top)