Particular Creatures.

I don’t have a particular reason why I have not been writing really, leave alone posting on this small space I managed to create all by myself. I have tried journaling (I can’t call it that really, but close enough) I just pick a pen and it’s me spilling these unknown sparks that are electrifying really but I can’t put my finger around really, about a particular creature

These sparks come in waves, high tides and low tides at times but high tides most of the time and my mind goes into overdrive and it’s another universe I kid you not; of meteors and shooting stars, astronauts gliding through, stardust is your typical sand or soil if you like, at times I see unicorns galloping? I don’t know.I never once thought I would see this mythical creature that some beings called humans have a strong belief in, it’s a weird world.

My body is no longer my body, I can tell. It’s because I know this body so well having been its willing prisoner for the last eighteen years. I see this bare body growing cobalt blue wings instantaneously, wings that glow, that shine like all the stars put together and then blown over the wings, it’s a breath-taking sight.

It does not end there; barefoot, the feet tread barefoot softly, the legs, they are adorned with feathers in an intricate pattern, that go all the way to the torso, past to the belly and the two hills perched just where they are supposed to be, these feathers are of an exotic kind, crafted with dexterity on this body and on the head, a crown of daisies sits perfectly, white ones and there’s a whole trail of all kinds of flowers drooping from the ends of the hair- lilies, peonies, tulips, orchids, dandelions, daffodils, hydrangea and dahlias and then there are more,others are floating around her, these ones are different with shades of marigold and strawberry, with hues of lilac.They are opening and closing in synchrony as if they are warming the soul up,lulling it,soothing it,over and over.The face is invisible or maybe it’s the radiance from the face that’s too bright and shimmery that I can not make a perception.

When I say my body is not my body I really mean it, I mean flowers do not strike any chords within me but daisies are quite something else, don’t you think?But,I am so fucking exhausted of harbouring thoughts about this particular creature, creating and recreating, thinking and overthinking at times I want to literally pour a bucket of cold water to extinguish all these fires that are all over my whole existence because in my opinion, one cannot have one muse all the damn time.But the irony of this is that after having all these thoughts of shunning these little fires, either my senses flip over or they come to life and start adding coal and wood to these fires, causing bonfires to be lit all over, I won’t lie.I love that shit.

This particular creature is metaphoric, haha.Is it a friend? maybe Is it family? Is it a pet that I dearly cherish? Who knows? Or maybe it’s a boy or a girl? Take your chances!

What is your particular creature? One that makes your skin tingle and at the same time fire up,but because you lost control of a part in you to this being, unknowingly, you can not help it.Do tell.




Author: Joyyy

My name is Joy but my friends call me Jojo,or should I say I made them call me that and now I am no longer feeling that name(I have no reason honestly) so let's stick with Joy Moraa okay?.I know I can write and I want to be a writer when I grow up.I am a free spirit with a wild imagination, a fierce heart paired with an aggressive voice.I am still growing,still searching,still knowing myself,still spreading my feeble wings that try to stretch fully and failing,still dipping my toes in both charted & uncharted waters ,at times the waters sting and when you get used to it,you just glide through with wobbly feet, at times the water reaches mid waist which is not as bad as when the water line is at neck length,hellbent on getting to your nostrils so that it can at least get a taste of your lungs and I figured while at it, I might as well bang on my keyboard something worthwhile.And PS- I am in love with parentheses(it's the many voices in my head,okay?) and I find my aesthetic self commencing lines with conjunctions, lowkey sexy eh?

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