Ola amigos! Bonjour mon amis! Heyaa friends!

You’re welcome to the humble abode of joymoraa, yes yes you are dear!

You see,I love beverages coffee,tea the likes,good thing my grandma passed the trait of making good tea down to me,literally.I would advise some good hot coffee especially cappuccino or caramel latte or tea perhaps cinnamon especially or some masala tea with some milk,it has got to have milk to be a complete drink that fills you and empties you at the same time.If there’s no milk,leave it,have black tea.

Relax,I don’t write about beverages or my exotic passion..uum obsession with them either, but get cosy,preferably in an armchair with a duvet in tow,or your significant other,whatever works for you honey.

Okay, probably you’re in class distracting yourself from the monotonicity that is palpable or it’s rush hour and you’re in a matatu caught in that crazy Nairobi traffic or maybe just maybe you’re overseas,miles and miles away from where this particular girl is.All the same, cosy up.

And do stay for the long haul!